Customer Service & Guest Conduct

The Rivergate Centre, its Staff and Tenants are committed to making your experience with us as welcoming as possible.

We have a few simple house rules that we hope will keep everyone happy.

The Rivergate Centre does not have a Customer Service Desk, however our Security Control Room is the first point of contact should our customers require information or assistance. The Security Control Room is located next to the Centre Management Office on the first floor Beside the Public Toilets near to the Multi-Storey Car Park Entrance to the Centre. The Security Control Room is manned 24/7.

As well as offering a wide range of services, our security team will endeavour to ensure The Rivergate Centre is a safe, secure and clean environment to help you enjoy your visit.


Ensuring Health and Safety issues are dealt with promptly:
reporting spillages or any other hazards within the Rivergate Centre. Reporting lost children/parents/elderly customers.
Point of contact for requesting First Aid assistance.
Ensure The Rivergate Centre is clean, safe and presentable when patrolling the Centre. You can expect: Prompt, professional and courteous service. Helpful trained staff who will treat you with respect and confidentiality. Clear and accurate information
egarding all aspects of the Rivergate Centre.We always welcome feedback on how we may improve our service. Our Team will happily gather feedback information from customers who are expressing a ‘well done’ towards someone who has particularly helped them or who have a complaint regarding a retailer in the Rivergate Centre.


Customers are encouraged to enjoy their experiences while at The Rivergate Centre, which includes the taking of photographs during their visit for their own personal and domestic use. We reserve the right, however, to ask customers not to film or take photographs within The Rivergate Centre where we feel that it is necessary in the interests of the safety, privacy or enjoyment of other customers or so as to prevent any civil or criminal offence being committed.
Commercial photography and filming can only be conducted with the express permission of The Rivergate Centre Management Team. If you would like to film or take photos during your visit to The Rivergate Centre and have any questions as to what is permitted under this code, please contact The Rivergate Centre Management Team, who will be happy to provide you with further information.


We wish for The Rivergate Centre aims to be a safe, relaxed and friendly environment for all our customers. We would ask that all visitors abide by the Code of Conduct, detailed below, in the interests of everyone’s enjoyment and well-being. The Rivergate Centre consistently aims to maintain high standards and does not permit the following: Any intimidation of our customers by groups of individuals.Unsociable behaviour that is detrimental to The Rivergate Centre environment. Ensuring that our customers are free to shop and relax, The Rivergate Centre does not permit the
following: Handing out of Leaflets of any kind. Canvassing or the conducting of third party interviews or surveys unless authorised by The Rivergate Centre Management. Unauthorised Selling of goods within the centre or car park. To ensure the health and safety of our customers, The Rivergate Centre asks that visitors respect and show due consideration for the building, environment and users of this space by:

  • Not Smoking anywhere within the Rivergate Centre. While outside of The Rivergate Centre there are clearly marked areas around the entrances whereby smoking is not permitted.
  • Keeping clear of all fire escapes except in an emergency.
  • No ball games.
  • No cycling, roller-blading, using micro-scooters, skating or using skateboards while in the Centre.
  • Crash helmets should be removed upon entering the Centre
  • Parking only in the appropriate designated car parking spaces, adhering to the car parking terms of use and in particular, leaving specifically designated car parking spaces free for use by our disabled customers. Please see our Parking Section (LINK) for more information on parking at The Rivergate Centre
  • Not climbing or sitting on any balustrade, barrier, escalator infill or railing.
  • Using customer lift and escalators appropriately.
  • Disposing of any litter appropriately in the bins provided within the Centre.
  • Co-operating and complying with any directions or instructions given by The Rivergate Centre staff.

We would also ask our customers to adhere to the following conditions:

Clear access routes must be maintained for emergency services. Carrying alcohol in open containers and the consumption of alcohol in the Centre, car park or other external areas is not permitted and alcohol may only be consumed within appropriately licensed premises within the Centre. Any act of vandalism towards property belonging to The Rivergate Centre or our retailers will be dealt with accordingly and the Police will always be informed.
Any person either bringing, selling or taking any illegal substance within The Rivergate Centre will be reported to the Police immediately. The Rivergate Centre reserves the right to refuse any individual or individual’s entry to the Centre and for any period of time as it may determine in its absolute discretion and has the right to escort any such individual or individuals from The Rivergate Centre site. In addition, any individual or individuals who persistently ignore the Code of Conduct will be excluded from The Rivergate Centre at the entire discretion of the Management.

The Rivergate Centre reserves the right to amend this Code of Conduct at any time without prior notice.

The Rivergate Centre Customer Service and Guest Conduct 2016