Customer Service

The Rivergate Shopping Centre aims to deliver excellent customer service to all of our customers every day. Our customer service policy makes clear the centres commitment to provide this excellent service.

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Rivergate Customer Service Policy

Why have a policy?
It is important that you know what to expect from us in terms of service.  This policy covers our commitments to customer service, including how we handle communications with customers, encourage feedback and deal with complaints.

Our Customer Service Charter

Our Customer Charter is our set of promises that outlines what we strive to deliver every day.

Our Commitment to Customer Service Excellence

We promise to:

  • Act in a professional manner and be polite at all times
  • Treat you with respect, courtesy and not pre-judge any given situation
  • Deal with your enquiry promptly or explain the reason for any delay
  • Be calm and patient by listening carefully to you, so that we may understand and respond to your needs appropriately
  • Be open and honest and explain our decisions
  • Apologise when we make a mistake and put things right
  • Accept your right to complain and ensure we offer a considered response

Our Team:

  • Will be identifiable by name badges
  • Will provide a polite, courteous and informed service from all site staff
  • Will provide service with a smile and to go that extra mile
  • Be empathetic, calm and patient –great communication means listening as well as being clear
  • Will be trained so that they continue to provide a quality service

Our Customer Standards

We aim to:

  • Reply to letters and emails within 5 working days
  • If your query can’t be resolved within 5 days, we will contact you to explain why and give you timescales
  • Respond to complaints within 10 working days
  • Resolve your query at the first point of contact or provide you with the details of who can help, together with timescales

Other Commitments

  • Resolve your query at the first point of contact or provide you with the details of who can help
  • Be accessible to all persons regardless of culture, vulnerability, language, age, sexuality, physical & mental ability, socioeconomic background
  • Have well-trained and confident staff that have the skills and knowledge to do the job

What We Ask of You

  • Treat all our staff with courtesy and respect
  • Treat our facilities and equipment with due care
  • Provide feedback on the services we offer
  • Tell us when we do not meet your expectations, giving your views and suggestions.
  • Comply with instructions given by staff

How Will We Monitor This Policy?

  • Make it easy for you to make a complaint, comment or suggestion by providing various communication channels
  • Monitor complaints to ensure we learn from our mistakes
  • Monitor our performance against these standards and policy
  • Train and support our staff in providing better customer service